Meeting the Divine Within

Tuesday, November 7

Music by Christopher and Robin O'Brien

6:15 - 7:30 pm

Devotional Songs and Chants

with Harmonium, Guitar, and Tibetan bowls

1100 California Street

San Francisco, CA  94108


Robin is a graduate of Berkley College of Music.  As a singer and composer she has been facilitating worship and creating contemplative environments in churches, meditation groups, and yoga classes since 2005.  With a deep respect for music's power to nurture wholeness, she has had the privilege of singing for and with hospice clients since 2009.  "Music has always been, for me, a valuable currency connecting self, Spirit, and community."

New Moon Gratitude Kirtan

Christopher and Mirabai

with PJ and Ajaya

Join us for an evening of Kirtan, a devotional and meditative practice of call and response chanting, accompanied by the rich sounds of harmonium, guitar, tamboura and mridangam drum.

The moon is such a powerful force, rocking our oceans and supporting all life.  On this night, a new moon will hang dark in the sky, symbolizing a magical time to start anew.  In a time of gratitude, we will honor those who have inspired our path - friends, families, teachers, partners, the Divine - thankful for their love and presence in our lives.  Kirtan joyfully connects us in these blessings of love and peace.

You have a voice!  All singers and non-singers welcome.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

7:00-8:30 pm

1185 Vicente Street

San Francisco, CA  94116

(415) 681-2731