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Marin moms, are you listening?!  Beloved Marin yoga teacher, Christopher Love has teamed up with the Church of St. John's in Ross to offer pay-what-you-can Vinyasa Yoga classes Monday nights at 6:15 pm with FREE CHILDCARE!  To boot, the classes feature live music, with yoga and meditation on their ornately painted labyrinth lit by candelight.  The experience is quite special.  

We paid them a visit last week to experience it for ourselves.  On a quiet side street just off of Sir Francis Drake, you enter the space through a front garden, and there is an immediate feeling of peace and calm.  The ceilings are vaulted and the room octagonal so the music vibrates throughout the room and upwards.  The music is different every week...  Along with the heavenly sounds of Christopher’s singing bowls.  Adjoining the yoga room is a playroom for kids, staffed by the church, so little ones are not too far away.

See the full article by Courtney Aldor

Christopher with Robin O'Brien

Tuesday, August 2

6:15-7:30 pm

Grace Cathedral

1100 California St.

San Francisco, CA  94108


Yoga St. John's

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Listen for the kind voice of your inner wisdom.

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